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About Google Voice

Google Voice gives you one number for all your phones — a phone number that is tied to you, not to a device or a location. Use Google Voice to simplify the way you use phones, make using voicemail as easy as email, customize your callers’ experience, and more.

Google Voice isn’t a phone service, but it lets you manage all of your phones. Google Voice works with mobile phones, desk phones, work phones, and VoIP lines. There’s nothing to download, upload, or install, and you don’t have to make or take calls using a computer.

Google Voice will let you define which phones ring, based on who’s calling, and even let you ListenInTM on voicemail before answering the call. We use smart technology to route your calls. So, if you’re already on a Google Voice call, we’ll recognize it and use call waiting to reach you on the phone you’re on.

One number – goes to all your devices – can make it go to any phone you wish – depending on who is calling, or the time of the day.

Google Voice Number:

With this option you get a brand new custom Google number that can receive calls from all of your phones. This means that whenever someone calls your Google number you can set it to ring all of your phones (ex. mobile, home, work phone) or just certain phones.

*Google Voice Lite (Voicemail Only)

With Google Voice Lite, you get to have the same voicemail for all your mobile phones. Just add your existing numbers to Google Voice and then make your own rules. You can set up personalized greetings, get voicemail transcriptions and share voicemail messages.It gives you voicemail that acts like email. For example, all of your voicemail messages will be stored in your Google Voice inbox and can be accessed online and on your mobile phone.

Number Porting

There is a fee associated with porting your number

With number porting you can port your mobile phone number into Google


Voicemail transcribed to text – convenient if they leave a message you want to keep and use

Personalized greetings – based on who is calling – eg. Business/personal

Text message can be sent to the number

Share voicemail – via email

You can block calls – will hear a no longer connected message

Screen calls – like it use to work on old answering machines

Mobile app available

Conference calls – as calls come in you can add them to the call

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What is Networking?

It is more than just meeting new people and shaking their hands.  It is about connecting with people – getting to know them and their business so well, that you are confident the recommend them, their services and products to your friends and family…

How To Survive & Thrive In The NEW Economy

• “The Old Economy Is Gone, Shattered Forever… And It’s Not Coming Back” – Dan Kennedy
• What Are The Demands Of The NEW Economy?

o Service Has Gone To Hell.

o Salesmanship Has Perished.

o Total Lack Of Differentiation

• Survive & Thrive Tactic #1: Focus On Your Current Customers

o “It is 6 – 10 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one.” – CRM2DAY

o Define Your Ideal Customer: Demographics, Psychographics, Buying Behaviours/ Patters, R.O.I.

o Clone Your Ideal Customer

o Don’t Be Afraid To Fire Your Worst Customers

o Ask Your Customers What They Want & Then Give It To Them (i.e. Referral Survey Form)

• Survive & Thrive Tactic #2: Reduce Customer Attrition

o It’s A Serious Threat During Economic Downturns

• Reduce Purchasing Frequency

• Switch To Lower Cost Providers

• Cancel Services Entirely

o What Is The Secret To Reducing Customer Attrition?

• Create A Painful Disconnect

• Customer Service:“87% of respondents said good customer service influenced their decision to do business with a company again.” – CRM Magazine

• Be Customer Service Centric

• Empower Your Staff To Solve Customer Service Issues

• Maintain High Levels Of Employee Satisfaction (i.e. Employee’s Are Just As Important As Customers Program).

• Be Positive

• Survive & Thrive Tactic #3: Sell More To Your Current Customers

o Create Bundles, Packages, Memberships, etc.

o Institute Continuity Programs

o Raise Your Prices

o How Does This Tie In?

o Offer A Premium Priced Product

• Survive & Thrive Tactic #4: Leverage Your Customer Relationships

o Offer Incentives To Your Existing Customer Base To Refer Their Friends, Family, & Associates

• Low Cost Gift Ideas vs. FREE Gift Ideas

o Use Endorsed Mailings With Customer Evangelists & Passionate Advocates

o Institute A Referral Program

o Tell Them That Your Business Is Based On Referrals From Great Customers Like Yourself

• Survive & Thrive Tactic #5: Make Marketing A Priority

Online Faxing

What is an online fax?

Online Fax (also known as email fax, internet fax and digital fax) utilizes an online fax service provider to convert a facsimile transmission into a digital file that can be received via email and vice versa. Online fax services bridge the gap between the older fax technology, which is well established in today’s business environment, and email transmission of documents. In the simplest terms, when you sign up with an online fax service, you will be assigned a dedicated fax phone number that will convert incoming faxes to emails attachments that are automatically sent to your email address. The majority of these services also allow you to send attachments (like Word documents, PDF’s, or pictures) to physical fax numbers that are received just as if you had sent them using a standard fax machine. Most online fax services will send you your documents in a number of different file formats, such as TIF or PDF files.

Why use an online fax service?

Lower Cost: Typically the monthly fee you pay an online fax service is less than the cost of a dedicated phone line, and you have no long distance charges. In addition, you don’t have to own a fax machine, which also means you don’t have to buy paper or toner. Even if you decide to print your faxes, you can still delete junk faxes or other documents you do not need to keep, which will reduce consumption of materials.

More efficient use of time: Many carriers allow you to set up multiple receive emails, so your faxes are automatically delivered to whomever you choose. Because you are receiving faxes via email, you will also receive them on email enabled PDA’s. You can then review faxes and take action.

More reliable: You will no longer have to deal with the limitation of your phone line or fax machines. This means no busy signals, no running out of paper, no paper jams, etc.

Environmentally Responsible: Reducing consumption not only reduces costs, it’s the responsible thing to do for the environment. Printing every junk fax or bad transmission creates trash and costs money.

Security: Most online fax services support high level encryption technology. Furthermore, you can designate which email addresses faxes are sent to, which is significantly more secure than having sensitive documents sit in a shared fax machine.

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