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You’re The Spark

Building a camp fire is much like building a business.

Historians will argue and debate over when and where the first camp fire was built; however the one thing that historians, survivalists, cub scouts, boy scouts, hunters, and campers can agree on is, that to build a camp fire one must follow a process.

I am going to build our campfire today using a tried and true process:

Step One: Prepare the ground. Remove all excess debris, flatten the ground and build a containment wall.

In our businesses we should prepare our ground by making a plan, setting a goal (your containment wall), educate and train ourselves, obtaining the necessary licenses to operate our business, create a business name, create a logo, design and produce basic marketing materials (business cards, post cards, web site, facebook page, etc…).

Step Two: Gather tender. Tender is the smallest and driest fuel you can find. Such as, pine needles, cedar shavings, dryer lint, birch bark shavings, etc…

Tender is your family and closest friends. Tender is your parents, your kids, your aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, and your best friends. You’re the spark! Let all of these people know what you will be doing, where you will be doing it, and what you’re selling. These people should be easy to sell to. They should support you and promote you to their friends and to their relatives.

Caution: What happens when the tender burns out? how fast will it take for it to burn out? Anyone that has started a fire knows that tender will burn rather fast and if your not prepared it will burn down to nothing!

Gather kindling: Dead twigs that are no bigger than a pencil. Build this up in a pyramid sort of fashion. It should catch fire from the tender quickly.

Kindling is all the other people you know. Your friends, acquaintances, people you have done business with, high school and college friends, people on your facebook accounts, networking groups. Let these people know what you are selling and where you are working. Send them a card, call them on the phone, and or set up a lunch date.

Caution: Refer to the caution in Tender. Same thing

Step Three: Fuel – (From the Boy Scout Handbook) “Fuel wood can be as thick as your finger or as thick as your wrist. Use sticks that you find on the ground. Gather them from a wide area rather than removing all the downed wood from one spot.”

Your fire should be going well now. All you have to do is keep gathering fuel wood and adding it to the fire. Right? Yes and no! There is still a process. You want to gather wood from different parts of the forest. Don’t stay in one place. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Somedays you will find fuel close to the fire. Other days you will have to go to great distances to find it. The important thing is: LOOK! Wander the forest every day and every day gather the fuel wood! Its there! If you cant find it in a place that you have looked before, explore, take an adventure and look where you have not looked before! – Ron Smith