Why are we having such a hard time dreaming?

As children, we dream on a regular basis.

We fly, conquer the world, create imaginary friends,

and plan to accomplish things never considered by anyone 20 years older.


As we age the conformity begins.

We are told that our dreams are unreasonable, not possible,

or why would you ever try that – you might FAIL!
We create control within the context of today’s boundaries.

Business owners don’t hire for new ideas, they hire for fitting into the box


The problem: In America, business owner wealth is often best accomplished by people with the desire to dream in a world without boxes.
How can you dream without boxes?

Do things differently.

Get away from the day to day so you have time to dream.

Learn to challenge your own thinking and be open.

Be willing to let others challenge your thinking

They might just allow you to fly, conquer the world, and accomplish things you were told were impossible.
Dream for yourself, your family, and your business.

You have to have dreams for them to come true. – John Anderson