Lead Generation Tactics


“Lead Generation is one thing that every marketer should take seriously, as it determines how much you can make with the business.” –Julie Riolo, Blogger

Raise Your Hand = Getting people to raise their hands and request for you to market to them is a very powerful shift in perspective.  Instead of being an unwelcome pest you become a welcome guest.

The Question: How Can We Get Prospects To Raise Their Hand & Ask For Your Marketing Materials?

Personal Ad = Your ads should roughly sound like a personals ad: Single White Female Looking For 25-30 Year Old Male, Must Enjoy MMA Fighting, & Long Walks. No heavy drinkers or smokers.  This ad tells you exactly who they are looking for as wells as who SHOULD NOT call.

Lynchpin Strategy: FREE Widget = A FREE Widget can be any incentive that you give people as rewards for doing something you want (i.e. Call A Number, Give A Referral, or Buying A Product).  Think of it like fishing. You’ve got to use the right bate to catch your customer.  When designing your FREE report you can take a sales letter and call it a FREE report.

Private Label Rights / Public Domain = You can purchase the rights to all manner of videos, software, eBooks, wine, and more.

24 Hour Recorded Message = A very powerful non-confrontational way to get your customer to listen to your sales message (i.e. The 7 Things You Need To Know Before Calling A Carpet Cleaner).

Pop-Up / Opt-In = Your website should have both of these. The only true purpose of your website should be to make the sale or collect information to make the sale at a later date.

Social Media = Your facebook page can have an opt-in option as well as some FREE content being delivered in exchange for a “like”.

Mine Your List = Look at what the fears are for your ideal customer and come up with some questions that your clients might ask that are related to those fears. Plug those into 5 FREE reports. Tell your list that you will send them one if they raise their hand and ask for it. When they raise their hand, sell them.

Speaking Engagements / Seminars = These have the advantage of allowing you to sell multiple people in one place. Furthermore, just because you are up there speaking you will gain increase recognition and acceptance of your ideas.

The 6 M’s: Message, Market, Medium Match Makes Money = When you are designing your adds you need to keep this idea in mind. Messing up any part of that trifecta can lead to an unsuccessful campaign.

2 Critical Metrics:

Cost Per Lead = How much does each lead cost you? Furthermore, how many leads does it take to convert to a sale?

Lifetime Customer Value = How much will a customer pay you over the course of your relationship?

These two numbers combine to guide how much you can afford to spend on a lead.

3 Categories Of Lead Generation:

B2B = Typically have a higher price point which allows for higher Cost Per Lead.

Business 2 Consumer = Can be more difficult because of issues of Price Point. You have to make the numbers work for you.

Publicity = Getting FREE publicity is an excellent way to leverage you lead generation efforts.

The Worst Number Is 1 = 1 Anything is the worst number in business. The point is that we want to diversify our lead generation efforts so that there isn’t overdependence on one single type of lead generation.  Whole industries have been wiped out by over-dependence so you have to be careful.

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