11 Marketing Mistakes Most Businesses Make

Mistake #1:  Being An Advertising Victim

  • Ad Rep Story
  • Image Branding
  • Signs = Emptying Account, No Response, No Accountability, Run The Ad More or Spend More

Mistake #2:  Lack Of Diversification

  • Your Marketing Wagon Wheel

Mistake #3:  Lack Of An Iron Clad System For Data Collection

  • Current Customers Are The #1 Easiest Customer To Sell
  • 10x Easier To Get A Customer To Come Back
  • They Will Spend 2x as much!

Mistake #4:  Lack Of Referral System

  • #2 Easiest Customer To Sell Is A Referral
  • Reduced Price Resistance
  • Easier Sell

Mistake #5:  Lack Of A Lost Customer Reactivation Program

  • #3 Easiest Customer To Sell

Mistake #6:  Too Infrequent Contact With Present Customers

  • FALSE:  People think you can communicate with your list too often
  • Every month your chance of a previous client doing business with you drops by 10%
  • Top Of Mind Consciousness

Mistake #7:  Thinking You Are Your Customer

  • Go To Where They Live, See What They Are Doing

Mistake #8:   Working In Your Business Not On Your Business

Mistake #9:  Lack Of Shameless Self Promotion

Mistake #10:  Lack Of A Testimonial System

Mistake #11:  Marketing Incest



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