Putting An Iron Cage Around Your Clients

Lifetime Customer Value

➢ What is LCV? We will talk more about this figure in an upcoming PEP.NET educational moment.

Why Do We Lose Clients?

➢ Mindset Moment = If you’ve made these mistakes don’t worry, I have too! You do not have customers, you have clients. What are the implications?

➢ You Are Not Your Clients = Do not impose your values on your clients.

➢ One Way vs. Cafeteria Thinking

➢ Teaching Too Much

➢ Cardinal Sin Of BEING BORING

➢ Overly Sophisticated

➢ Delivering Too Much Content

Client Retention Via The Happiness Factor

➢ Getting Lots Of Stuff / Taking Home Lots Of Stuff

➢ Surprise!

➢ Bundles & Packages

➢ New & Interesting Things To Do

➢ New Toys

➢ Treasure Hunts & Wild Goose Chases

➢ Activities That FEEL Like Accomplishment

➢ The Power Of FOOD

➢ Positive Feelings

How Do We Keep Clients?

➢ Gold Stars = Ego Stroking, Recognition, Opportunities To Show Off, Teachers Pet Status, Etc.

➢ Acceptance = Leader & Peer Support, Encouragement, A Creative Environment

➢ Membership Has It’s Privaledges = Insider Status, Superior Status, Status Symbols, Preferential Treatment, Knowing Things First, Confiding In Them, Knowing Secrets

➢ Womb To The Tomb = Security & Optimism, Group Triumph, STAND BY ME

➢ Futurism = The Quality Of ANTICI—-PATION, Unpredictability, What’s Next, BUILD A LADDER

➢ DEPENDANCY = Make Them Dependent On You

➢ FREQUENCY = You Are An Addiction; They Are The Addict

➢ MULTIPLE HATS = You Are An: Advisor, Confidante, Therapist

➢ FULLFILL EMOTIONAL NEEDS = Recognition, Validation, Ego, Self ESTEEM

➢ PAINFUL DISCONNECTS = It’s not tjust the value of the connection; it’s the loss too.

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