Lead Generation

• Never The Pest; Always The Welcome Guest

• Move past, “How Do I Get Past The Gatekeeper?” to “How Do I Get Invited In By The Gatekeeper?”.

• Engineer the situation so that you are sought out, invited in, and welcomed as an expert.


• Welcome Guest Non Prospecting Process

➢ Get qualified prospects to raise their hand

➢ Send information that sells you and the appointment

➢ Wait; follow up by mail

➢ Go in as Welcome Guest


• Lead Generation Ad

➢ Classified Ad = You want to tell who you want to respond as well as who you don’t.

➢ Free Report = Try offering one. Either via a 800 number, website, or snail mail.

➢ Medium = Choose an advertising medium that is frequented by your target market.

➢ Headline = This is the MOST important part of any ad!


• Secrets Of Making Lead Generation Advertising Work

➢ Don’t Do To Much = Don’t try to pre-sell or build a brand. Focus 100% on getting them to respond.

➢ K.I.S.S. = Focus on a straightforward offer such as a book, tape, CD/DVD, etc. Possibly use a free consultation.

➢ Target = The right market is key here.

➢ Split Test = Always test for success.

➢ Use The Right Bait

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