7 Ways Entrepreneurs & Sales Professionals Sabotage Themselves

1. Practicing Lousy Follow Up

a. Many People Don’t Have A System
b. Top Marketer Have 8-28 Steps In Their System (eMail, Fax, Text, SnailMail, Invitations To Events, etc.)

2. Hanging Out With Losers
a. People Have A Negative Or Positive Effect On You
b. Strive For A Higher Level
c. We Are The Sum Of The People We Spend The Most Time With

3. Wasting Time: Red Time vs. Green Time
a. Maximize Your Green Time

4. Talking About Features Not Benefits
a. Pencil Example

5. Not Creating Systems
a. Have A Steady System For Generating Leads From Multiple Sources
b. Have A System For Categorizing Them Upon Intake
c. If You Don’t Have A System You Are At The Mercy Of Your Prospects System For Buying (Or Not Buying)
d. Common Systems: Referral, Testimonial, Social Media, Hiring, Etc.

6. Living With Poor Self-Discipline
a. Hold Yourself Accountable (Coaching, Friend, Mastermind)
b. Set Goals Standards & Benchmarks
c. Review Your Progress

7. Actively Listening
a. People Will Tell You If You Just Listen (Objections, Fears, Desires, Etc.)
b. Normally People Are Just Waiting To Talk
c. You Look Like A Genius If You Listen
d. 6 Steps: Like, Interest, Touch, Engage, & Need

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