Wealth Attraction 101

• “For this educational moment I thought I would switch gears and talk about something other than marketing for a change. However, it’s a topic that is still near and dear to my heart: Money! More specifically: Wealth Attraction.

• How Do You Make Yourself Magnetic To Money?

➢ The Work-Money Link = Making / Creating Wealth vs. Attracting Wealth

➢ Money Is Not A Zero-Sum Game

• The 3 Pillars Of Wealth Attraction

➢ Philosophical = Our ideas, thoughts, and feelings about money and wealth

➢ Strategic = Specific actions that you can take to attract wealth

➢ Behavioral = Ways of being that attract wealth not repel it

• Wealth Magnets

➢ A Rock Solid Unshakeable Belief In Abundance (Philosophical)

• Don’t Buy What The Media Is Selling

• Raise Your Awareness Of How Much Money Really Is Out There

• Test Drive Cars, Visit Aspen, Purchase Town & Country

➢ Be Somewhere: Wealth Can’t Find You If You’re Hiding Under The Couch (Strategic)

• YCDBSB = You Can’t Do Business Sitting On Your Butt


• Speaking, Meetings, Road Shows, Geographic Relocation

• Be Anywhere & Everywhere Your Ideal Prospect Or Customer Is…

➢ Fake It Til’ You Make It: The Habit Of Acting Wealthy To Attract Wealth (Behavioral)

• Wealth Account = Immediately open a wealth account, deposit 1% – 10%, and don’t touch, if you do touch limit it to investment

• Giving Account = Immediately open a giving account, deposit 1% – 10%, and don’t touch, if you do touch limit it to true giving

• Surround Yourself With Images That Reinforce Abundance

➢ A Wealthy Mindset: Speaking Money (Bonus)

• Most people speak out of fear, lack, and other negative emotions

• We want to train our subconscious and program our minds to speak out of abundance

• Phraseology: “Hard-Earned Dollars” = Money Is Hard To Get, “Stinking / Filthy Rich = Rich People Are Bad, “Easy Money” = Money Should Be Hard To Get

• Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

➢ Sales & Marketing (Bonus)

• The Highest Paid Profession In The World? Salesman.

• If You’re Not Good At Sales, You Better GET GOOD At Sales

• Shameless Self Promotion

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