7 Step Marketing Implementation System

1) Know Your Best Client

– Ask what their fears, frustrations, problems, needs & wants


2) Know How Your Product Solves Their Problems.

– What about your product fills those needs?

– Know what they buy before during and after your stuff.

– What do they get from your competitors products?

– What is missing that you could add?


3) Put Together A Powerful Marketing Message Of How Your Product / Service Solves That Problem

– Address the pain and state your solution in your marketing material


4) Determine Your Lifetime Customer Value

– Average profit per transaction X the average number of transactions per year X the average number of years they are with you.


5) Then Prioritize using any of the following 24 marketing strategies that make up the most profitable ways to grow any business:

– Establish referral systems

– Risk reversal

– Direct Mail

– Special Events

– Purchasing Qualified lists


– Education

– Publicity

– Reactivating Old Clients

– Deliver Higher Than Expected Service

– Increase Communication

– Increase skill levels of staff

– Qualify leads up front

– Irresistible Offer

– Add More Perceived Value

– Upsell & Cross Sell

– Point of sale promotion

– Packaging complementary goods together

– Increase your pricing

– Target Affluent Markets

– Develop A Back End

– Price inducements for frequency

– Have closed door events

– Program your clients
6) Evaluate Your Resources; Determine What To Do 1st 2nd & 3rd; Schedule your Implementation


7) Start Today! Evaluate Your Schedule Weekly, Monthly, & Quarterly

PEP.NET Technical Moment (11/17/11):

The Way Back Machine

• Http://www.WayBackMachine.org

• The Wayback Machine is a digital time capsule created by the Internet Archive non-profit organization, based in San Francisco, California. It is maintained with content from Alexa Internet. The service enables users to see archived versions of web pages across time, which the Archive calls a “three dimensional index”. Internet Archive bought the domain waybackmachine.org for their own site.

• The name Wayback Machine is a reference to a segment from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show in which Mr. Peabody and Sherman use a time machine called the “WABAC machine” to witness, participate in, and, more often than not, alter famous events in history.

• Can Be Used For:

o Researching Competition

o Finding Lost or Unavailable Resources

o Reviewing How Your Website Has Developed

o Fun

o Swipe File Material

o & More

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