“One friend in a lifetime is much; two are many; three are hardly possible.” – Henry Adams

• Preface: This is not a mamby-pamby discussion of how to make your employees feel better. Truth be told, as a small business, owner, sales professional, or entrepreneur your duty is to create a business that can sustain fat and lean times. Maybe you want to sell your business or maybe you want to pass it along to your children. Either way, the tactics you need to use to succeed necessarily must be hard-nosed and viciously trackable… Welcome to the world of managing people and profits!

• What Are Your True Responsibilities To Your Employees? = It might sound harsh… and ultimately your business should be designed for you to extract wealth. The primary function of your business is not to create jobs… it’s about delivering a valuable service at a mutually agreed price. Your job is to create profits so that (should you choose; I don’t) you can employ other people to do those less valuable tasks.

• To The Point: Truth be told, no matter how much some of us may wish it to be otherwise, the nature of the employee employer relationship tends to be adversarial. Your employees have a separate life from you and your business that (no matter how much we may try) cannot be obliged. Profits have to take front seat. If not, how are you going to pay your employees? Keep in mind that when I say that, I’m not attaching any meaning to that. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s simply the nature of business.

• Beware The Willy Loman Syndrome = Willy Loman is a character from that classic play “The Death Of A Salesman”. Willy has a real problem as a salesman. He has a desperate need to be liked. He takes things so far that it actually hinders his ability to make sales. Willy Loman syndrome can also infect you as a manager. Beware the need to be liked by your employees over the stated goals of extracting profit from your business. You simply cannot afford to be an approval seeker.

• Crisis Investing& “The Big One” = Just like California is overdue for an earthquake our economy is in the midst of a long overdue “Big One”. By positioning yourself with the right tools, talent, and people you can be poised to take advantage of crisis’s that are occurring around us. We see examples of this every day (i.e. Rahm Emmanuel and Napoleon Hill). Today we are living in the midst of a unique crisis that will transform the business landscape. This crisis is characterized by two converging components:
o The utter collapse of simple, basic, rudimentary, customer service.
o A worldwide cross-cultural cross-boundaries cross-economic-segment recession.

• How Can We Survive “The Big One” = Knowing that this crisis is coming there are things that we, as entrepreneurs, can do to survive and even thrive during “The Big One”:
o Customer Service = Provide an exceptional and phenomenal level of customer service delivered by competent, capable, and knowledgeable employees. As your completion cuts back and deliver increasingly incompetent customer service, your devotion to detail and focus on your customers needs will set you apart from the rest. Go in the opposite direction of the masses… Both you and your customers won’t regret it.
o Market To The Affluent = As the economy changes, we need to change with it. By targeting affluent customers and market we can sell to people for whom this cross-boundary cross-cultural recession is not an issue. This type of person will appreciate the high level of customer service that you deliver. You want to go to where the money is. Consider adding a high priced product or service that caters to these types of people. Raise your prices. You won’t regret it!

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