The Power of Personal Branding

“A strong personal brand that dovetails seamlessly with a business has the power to turn customers’ perception into profits.”

• Personal Branding = “Personal Branding is the process by which people and their careers are marked as brands.” – Wikipedia

• Personal Branding vs. Image Branding = While image branding builds the company’s image and portrays certain qualities or associations with the brand. Personal branding is far more powerful. It transforms you into the brand.

• Sample Personal Brands:

o Joan Rivers, Kathy Ireland, Donald Trump, and Martha Stewart

• History = The idea of a personal brand comes to us from Napoleon Hill in his infamous 1937 book, “Think & Grow Rich”. It was later revisited in the 1981 “Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind” by Al Ries and Jack Trout. I was first introduced to this concept by Joel Bauer.

• Benefits Of Personal Branding

o Unique = What has killed our economy is a total lack of differentiation. There’s so much marketing incest going on that we’ve got knock-offs of knock-offs. By using Personal Branding you create a product, service, or business that can’t be duplicated because YOU cannot be duplicated.

o Fun = It allows you to be more creative than traditional marketing because it forces you to find that unique spark about you that can sets you apart from all the other me-toos.

o Attraction = With Personal Branding you are attracting customers based on the best most marketable characteristics of your personality.

o Gossip = When you are sensational or take that extra step to create a personal brand you get people talking about you. How many people do you think will talk about the 6’3”, well dressed businessmen with a 3 foot afro that walked by them this morning? That’s the power of the personal brand.

• How Do You Build A Personal Brand?

o You’re Already Doing It… Whether Or Not You Know It.

o Be Authentic

o Find Out What Makes You Unique – Exploit That! (Dress, Skills, Physical Characteristics, etc.)

o Get Professional Photographs Done In The Proper Poses

o Find A Visual Hook

o Come Up With A Consistent Theme In Your Marketing Materials

o Personal Branding Toolkit: Resume / Cover Letter / References Document, Portfolio, Blog, Website, LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter, Video Resume, Wardrobe, eMail Address (i.e.

o Buy Into Your Own Brand

o Engage Customers To Build Confidence In Your Brand

o Grow Smart

• Shameless Self Promotion = You’ve got to be willing to put yourself out there. Be someone; be somewhere. You have to be unapologetic about the benefits you bring to your customers and the quality of service you deliver them.

• Personal Branding & Social Media = Thanks to the increased exposure of social marketing, Personal Branding has become more important than ever. In fact, I would say all good social media marketing includes elements of Personal Branding because people are looking to build relationships first. That’s why you don’t put your logo as facebook picture. Enough about that though, I don’t want to steal my own thunder…

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