Information Marketing 101

Information Marketing 101

Speaking On The Information Economy: “We have for the first time an economy based on a key resource [Information] that is not only renewable, but self-generating. Running out of it is not a problem, but drowning in it is.” – Naisbitt, John

 So What Is The Information Economy & Information Marketing? = Information marketing is about identifying responsive markets with a high interest in a particular group of topics, packaging information products and services matching that interest. These materials can be written and assembled by you or by others. Your primary concern is how to sell these things first. You can then create the product around the desires of the market.

 Okay… So What… Why Should I Care? = Information Marketing can be an interesting supplement to your current products and services. By its nature, Information Marketing is a low stress, portable, and flexible way to generate thousands of dollars in supplemental income. As a primary business it can generate 6 or 7 figure incomes as well as generating celebrity or “guru” status. Here are some of the ways current members in the group could use information marketing to boost their bottom lines: 1) Dr. Craig / Me / Volkmann = Create Marketing Products, 2) Jerry Case = A Book On Mortgage Pitfalls, 3) Mark Wallace = A Video Series On How To Do It Right For The Blow & Gos, 4) Any MLM Business = Coaching Products That Help Others Attain The Same Success You Have…

 Benefits Of Information Marketing = 1) You’re selling to groups, not 1-1 situations, 2) People that buy products tend to buy more, 3) You don’t have to deal with the customers, 4) Little staff or overhead is required, 5) Small investment in inventory, 6) Automatic credibility, and 7) Lots of money to be made.

 What Is The Process For Developing Information Products? = 1) You need a quality product, 2) quality leads to target, 3) a marketing funnel (Buy or die), 4) strong guarantees, 5) built in continuity income, and 6) start all over again.

 Information Marketing Fast Action Plan = You always want to be shooting for at least a 10X markup on your product. Beware of product formats that have a well established and preconceived retail price. You want to be on the lookout for content and be organizing it into different categories that you can use to create product. If at all possible you want to publish on demand. You can joint venture or license other peoples products to get the ball rolling faster. You can recycle, change formats, or just repackage products. Any live event should be videotaped or at the minimum audio taped. You can also hold FREE teleseminars (great for lead generation) or bundle other forms of communication like eMails and newsletters.

 Ultimately I believe that there is a place in every business for the intelligent use of information marketing. Furthermore, getting into this phenomenon now will allow you to take greater advantage of the changes to come.

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