The Truth About Guarantees & Risk Reversal

• The Power Of A Strong Guarantee = Guarantees, especially outrageous ones, will almost always work to your benefit. They improve response and they can even be a reason to purchase a product by themselves. The only time where a guarantee cost you money is if you are selling a poor product. If that is the case, you have got to take a look at how you can change that. It is very important that you sell a product that you know is good and that you can stand behind it. If you can’t you need to find something else to sell.

• Guarantees Are So Powerful They’re Part Of The 7 Things Every Advertisement Should Have = The other 6 being: Headline, Call To Action, Deadline, Benefits, Irresistible Offer, and Testimonials.

• Guarantees As Differentiation = Since many businesses, at best, don’t advertise their guarantee, and at worst, don’t have one, you can use your guarantee as a marketing tool to differentiate yourself from your competition.

• Under Promise & Over Deliver = If you can make a huge promise and then still over deliver on that promise than that is a truly powerful business experience. Remember, today we live in the age of incompetence with a total lack of customer service and differentiations.

• Multiple Guarantees = There’s no rules as to the number of guarantees you can have. Why not have two or even three guarantees? You can never have too many guarantees. Plus, people have short attention spans, so by including multiple guarantees you increase the chance that they will see one of them. You should try being creative and add as many different ways of restating your guarantee as possible. There are all kinds of ways to guarantee a product or service that aren’t even tied to money: 1) On Time Delivery, 2) Satisfaction Guaranteed, 3) Zero-Stress Guarantee, 4) Done For You Guarantee, 5) etc.

• Don’t Offer A Guarantee = Another unique way to do your guarantee is to not offer one at all. These are a little tricky and your marketing needs to be full of personality to do it, but you can always say that your product is so good that I don’t offer a guarantee. The only people that ever ask for a refund are people that are trying to return your product are losers that are trying to rip you so you don’t offer one. Besides there is no way anyone would want to legitimately return my product. This type of approach will work, but you have to be careful.

• Length Of Guarantees = You will also be better off if you have a longer guarantee period than a shorter one. People respond better to these types of guarantees, but there is another reason as well. Typically, people are lazy and if you give them 30 days to return an item, they will remember that and do it typically on the 30th day. But if you give them a 12 Month guarantee they will put it off or forget about it for a very long time, and likely will never return it even though they “meant to”. However, this is no excuse for producing shoddy goods or services.

• Proprietary Language & Guarantees = While these guarantees are useful you can use them in much better ways. First, I would recommend using a stronger or more unique guarantee. For instance, “If you aren’t entirely happy with everything I’ve done for you I will personally buy my product back.” This guarantee stands out more, yet you are not saying anything different than before. You could also try adding phases like: “No-Strings Attached”, “No Questions Asked”, and “100% Risk-Free” to your guarantee.

• What Can You Do With It? = 1) Put It In All Sales Materials, 2) Business Card, 3) Use It In Network Marketing Situations, 4) Tell Your List About It, 5) and More.

• Example #1 = A shamelessly irresistible, doubly better than risk-free proposition: If you decide that you don’t like your purchase from <Business Name> (which quite frankly is highly unlikely), I want you to keep the <FREE Widget> worth <$Value> as my gift for trying <Product / Service>.

• Example #2 = I guarantee that I you will be thoroughly excited with your purchase from <Business Name> or we will by our <Product / Service> back!

• Example #3 = All of our <Products / Services> come with no-questions, no quibbles, 90 day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you find that my <Products / Services> isn’t perfect for you, just bring it back at any time in the next 3 MONTHS, and I’ll give you every cent you paid back. You have up to 90 days to try my <Products / Services> – to make sure that it is everything that I say it is. What could be better than that?

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