Leveraging Your Social Media Efforts

“Leverage is the use of a small initial investment…, to gain a very high return in relation to one’s investment.” – Dictionary.com

• Leveraging Your Social Media: That’s what this discussion is about. How can you make a small investment in your social media efforts to reap a large reward? To achieve maximum leverage, your goal is to be on as many social media services as possible. Why is that?

• Google Rankings = The Google search engine indexes facebook statuses, tweets from twitter, and other social media posts. As this phenomenon grows this trend will only increase. This means that what you say on social media will remain forever on Google. This is both a dangerous and a powerful thing. Those of us that are aware of this can truly leverage social media to produce far greater results.

• The Social Media Services That I Belong To: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Delicious, Bebo, Plurk, Multiply, Flickr, Yahoo Profiles, Ident.ca, Blogger, Tumblr, MySpace, FourSquare, GTalk Status, and a few others…

• Ping.fm: I don’t manage all of these services myself. I tie them into a hub so that when I send out a status update or a photo post it goes from one place out to 13-16 services. Now that’s what I’m talking about with leverage. For example, say I want to plug my website www.AfroMarketing.net in a status update on facebook. When I send it out that status it will go to 13-16 different websites that Google will index separately 13-16 times. This is very powerful because having more links to your website on the web is important for raising your websites organic search listing.

• Seesmic App = What makes this even more powerful is that if you have a Smartphone than you can get the Seesmic App which will allow you to update your social media sites from your phone. Believe it or not, “53% of all Social Media traffic is done from mobile devices.”

• Seesmic Desktop 2 = Seesmic desktop 2 allows you to manage all of your services from a desktop interface on your PC or Mac. I use the desktop in tandem with the app for the Smartphone.

• Seesmic On The Web = There is also a web interface available if you don’t like the Smartphone or desktop options. Most of my usage of this software is on the mobile or desktop platforms, but the nice thing is that Seesmic gives you some choices about the way you use their products.

• Management = These tools give you the power to leverage your social media however it does not make this an effortless process. Someone still needs to set up your profiles… Someone still needs to invite friends and confirm them…. So on and so forth. If you can’t or won’t do it, I would recommend you have a current employee take on that burden or hire someone to do it for you. You don’t necessarily have to do the work yourself.

• Social Media Profile = You can save yourself time by creating a social media profile that you can cut and paste into the services as you create them. If you just set aside the time and determine to do it you could set up all of these services within a day.

• Marketing = Ultimately, social media is just that… another medium. It’s just like radio, TV, print or any other type of media you can think of. Each medium might require certain considerations, but what is effective is effective. So the question is more about: How can you adapt the things that you are already doing right now in your business that works and modify them to work in social media.

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