Empowering People Through Networking

PEPnet Educational Moment (07/19/12):
Empowering People Through Networking

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” – Bill Gates

  • PEPnet = PEPnet is about People Empowering People.  As such, I thought it might be interesting to talk about something a little different than my usual marketing fair.  I wanted to share with you ways that we can, not only, empower your fellow members in the “Mothership”, but also, help our fellow groups to grow and experience the same results.
  • The “Mothership” = If we are the Mothership than we can liken the other PEPnet groups as children that we need to support and encourage as well.  As Harry is fond of saying, “If you want to join our group you can talk to not only the membership committee but also anyone of us.  Each of us is responsible for drawing new members into the group.”
  • 5 Ways We Can Empower One Another In This Group:
    • www.PEPnet.net = The website that Michelle has created for us is a tremendous resource.

–       You can post someone’s actual page on our website to another friend’s timeline…  Effectively giving them their contact information.  A great way to make a simple nudge.

–       If you use someone’s service and they are on the website, you can share their page and write a quick testimonial of their work.  Generating engagement for you and possible referrals for them.

–       You can share the technical and educational moments with your friends that might find them interesting.

  • Business Cards = Carrying all of the members business cards in your briefcase or purse along with PEPnet referral cards.

–       It makes it easy to give out the cards at a moment’s notice.  Don’t delay!

–       If you don’t leave your business cards with a tip (I don’t leave mine for obvious reasons), consider leaving our PEPnet business cards.  You never know who might read them!

  • 1:1s = You should already be aware of the proper way to do a 1:1 and if you don’t feel free to get Mark Wallace our new Mentor Coordinator.  I just want to point out that 1:1s are an excellent way for you to empower your fellow PEPnet members in a variety of days.
  • Testimonials = Collect Them From The Group!  Give them for the group!  That’s not a bad idea…  We should do that!
  • Leadership/Inspirational Quote/Meaning Of PEPnet = Take a leadership position or volunteer for other aspects of the meeting.  Consider what you might do that could improve upon what we’re doing. (Creativity & Innovation)
  • 2 Ways We Can Empower Our Fellow PEPnet Groups:
    • Visit Other Groups = We have around 8 PEPnet groups at the current time and many of them don’t have the benefit of the larger membership.  You can support your fellow groups by visiting them and saying hi.  I know they appreciate it.  Plus, as long as you don’t conflict with a member of the group it’s a great chance to network more.

–       When you share your experience about visiting other groups back at the “Mothership”, remember to keep them positive.  We are very lucky to be a part of The Premier Networking Group on the Front Range and we are working to build our fellow PEPnet groups to the same success.  However, we want to be careful not to compare them to us.  We want to lift up our fellow groups, not tearing them down.

  • Shift Conflicts Toward Other Groups = If you have a Plumber you’d like to invite but we already have highly qualified Sewer & Drain Specialists… there’s no reason why you can’t help funnel that person to another group that would benefit for them.  It’s a mindset if you will…  We’re growing all of PEPnet as a whole, not just the Mothership.
  • Giver’s Gain Mentality = Ultimately, that’s what this is about.  PEPnet has been and will continue to be wildly successful as long as its members continue to maintain that mentality.  I think you should all give yourselves a hand for empowering…

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