If You Had Only Three Minutes in Front of a Group of Realtors

I was surfing a message board that I frequent with high performing loan officers.  One of them has an opportunity to present to a group of Realtors next week, and he was told that he has a whole three minutes to do a presentation.  Hm-m-m, three minutes.  The post started by asking what would other loan officers do with this opportunity.  It got me thinking about opportunities that I’ve had like this and how I approached them.  Here was my response:

If I had only three minutes to “talk” to a group of Realtors, I would let them talk first.  Ask them what their biggest frustrations are, ask them what they are not getting from their current lender relationships, ask them what they would like to see from a relationship.

I would spend the first two minutes finding out what their issues (“pain”) happen to be, and then I would spend one minute explaining how I could help ease that pain or resolve some of their issues.

If you talk to them they won’t listen.  If you listen to them and then address their concerns I think you would get a much higher interest level.

There are two important preparation points here:

1. Be prepared for no one to speak.  I’m sure that, in the current market, this won’t happen, but you should be prepared with stories or pains that other Realtors have shared and then ask them if they are experiencing any of the same things.  You will certainly get a response when you hit some hot buttons.  Understand which of those issues the audience seems to respond to, and focus on those.

2. The reality, of course, is that you already know what they are going to say and what their issues are.  This is not the point.  Anyone can “show up and throw up” and “tell” the Realtors what he or she can do for them.  But you really want to engage them and let them know that what they feel is important.  Prepare your presentation, and then mentally put each of your USP items or points that you want to make into categories that you can then use to help solve their pain.

This way you can get your points across and focus those points on what is most important to your audience.

Also remember that you can’t tell them everything, so don’t try.  Pick the top three key items that you want to convey — the things that will create the most business for your Realtor partners, the things that will save them the most time, make them the most money, relieve the most frustration, help them build their business and get continued referrals, etc.

I would be surprised if, when you try this approach, the following doesn’t happen:

1. You get more than three minutes.

2. You get multiple questions.

3. You have the opportunity to set up appointments with individual agents to go into further detail with them in a more intimate setting.

Touch on their concerns and offer to follow up with each of them, if they wish.  Get business cards and contact info (biz cards).

Maybe pick one or two products to highlight.  Any more than that won’t fit in that timeframe.

Bring printed materials with your contact info and logo on it.  Make sure it is very valuable information.

Show them some other printed info you have, and whet their appetite.  Offer to send it via email and even offer to personalize it with their information on it (next to yours, of course).  I would bet that you would get a lot of takers.

Remember, it’s just three minutes, and that’s not a lot of time to get anything across — let alone everything — so don’t even try.

My approach would be: Ask, Answer, Tease.

That’s what I would do.  By the way, this is in fact what I actually do — and it works!

So, get out there, and start seeing more Realtors!  It’ll make a big difference in your business.


By: Jason Klaskin, www.topofmind.com

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