LinkedIn announced a new feature called Endorsements that gives users a simpler way to recommend their professional connections.

Until now, the primary way to suggest a friend or coworker for a job on LinkedIn has been to go through the process of writing a formal recommendation. Now, with the Endorsement tool, you can simply click the “Endorse” button to recognize one of your connections for a particular skill or skills.

When you look at a contact’s profile page on the social network, you’ll see a list of skills at the top of the page and be prompted to pick which ones if any you’d like to endorse. Similarly, if you scroll down to the Skills and Expertise section of their profile, you’ll have another option to endorse certain skills just by clicking a plus-sign next to each of the skills listed.

LinkedIn will notify the user by e-mail when he or she has been endorsed by someone and these endorsements will be displayed on their profile page. Users still have the option to write longer recommendations as well, but Endorsements may be more popular for more casual recommendations.

In essence, the Endorse button is really just LinkedIn’s version of Facebook’s “Like” button, but geared towards professionals. This is just the latest example of LinkedIn trying to boost engagement on the social network by taking a page from competitors like Facebook and Twitter. Earlier this year, LinkedIn introduced a Follow button for brands, similar to Twitter, and just this month the company rolled out a Facebook-style notifications system to keep track of network updates.


Free Phone Calls on LinkedIn:

Farewell, phone numbers. Plingm, the Swedish mobile VoIP app, takes the
innovation lead on smartphone communication and introduces free phone calls
for LinkedIn’s 151 million users. Without a single digit, Plingm users with an
iPhone can call their own contacts on LinkedIn directly.

Across the world, LinkedIn has more than 151 million LinkedIn users. Thanks to
an innovative back-end solution developed by Plingm, LinkedIn users can now
also call and talk to their LinkedIn contacts for free anywhere in the world.

“Mobile numbers are legacy. By using our LinkedIn calling feature, you can
always reach the person you want to speak to even if they switch jobs or
change their number,” says Pandelis Eliopoulos, co-founder of Plingm. “With
the growing use of social media, the possibility to call your LinkedIn
contacts directly without a phone number is a logical evolution of mobile

How to do it

Download the Plingm app from the App Store and accept to connect with your
LinkedIn account. The app automatically scans and imports all your contacts.
Calls between Plingm users are free, regardless if you are in the same town or
on the other side of the world.

About the app

With the numbers steadily increasing and an impressive consumer rating on App
Store, the mobile VoIP app Plingm combines high sound quality with
user-friendliness. All calls made to other Plingm users are free, regardless
of where they are in the world, and there is no time limit. Calling with this
service instead of a traditional operator will save people large sums of
money, particularly on international calls. At a low rate, consumers can also
call friends not yet using Plingm.

Plingm develops innovative, people-friendly technology that enables people
cost efficient ways to communicate. The company was founded by entrepreneurs
from the telecommunications and Internet industry. Plingm is based in
Stockholm and active in 170 markets. More info on .

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