Your Wild West Wagon Wheel

“In marketing diversity leads to stability.” – Unknown

  • Pikes Peak Or Bust! = Imagine you and your family are travelling across this great land of ours in one of those old timey wagons.  You know the ones with those big ole wheels.  That’s what we’re here to talk about today.
  • Wagon Wheels = Those wagons as they travelled depended heavily upon their wheels.  If one of them broke they were in a lot of trouble.  So those wheels had to be strong and to keep them that way they used a lot of spokes… the more the better!
  • Your Wild West Wagon Wheel = Marketing your business is just like those wagon wheels except the spokes on your Marketing Wagon Wheel are the different methods you have to generate business.  The more ways you have to draw business in the better.
  • Would You Rather Have 1 Way To Get 100 Customers Or 100 Ways To Get 1 Customer= I always tell my clients that I would rather have 100 ways to get 1 customer than 1 way to get 100 customers.  The 100 ways to get 1 customer is far more dependable.  The other way leaves you susceptible to having your business wiped out… or dare I say legislated out of business.  Whole industries have been wiped out or created by the stroke of a pen.
    • Examples Of Destruction: 1) Telemarketing companies with the do not call list, 2) eMail and spam filters / regulation, 3) Fax Broadcast, and 4) Voice Broadcast.
    • Examples Of Creation: 1) Carter (I believe?) created the home brewing industry and 2) Reagan deregulated the airwaves giving us the Direct Response TV industry or infomercials.  You decide which is better…
    • What Decides Who Lives & Who Dies? = The government that’s who!  If you look those industries that get regulated are the ones that the government doesn’t get a taste of.  That’s what makes direct-mail so powerful!  The government gets a taste of every letter sent so they don’t regulate it!
  • The WORST Number In Any Business Is… 1!  If you are overly depending on any one thing in your business than you are vulnerable!
  • Spokes You Can Add To Your Wheel:
    • Just In PEPnet alone you’ve got resources for:

–       New Mover Mailings (Susan)

–       SMS & Mobile Marketing (Terri)

–       Appreciation Marketing (Sandy)

  • In The World Of Marketing There’s:

–       Local Marketing

–       eMail Marketing

–       SEO

–       Direct Mail

–       Social Media

–       YouTUBE

–       Cold Calling…

  • Good Marketing Works Regardless Of The Media = From my perspective there is no difference between marketing offline or online.  There isn’t social media marketing vs. Internet marketing.  They are one and the same.  What I practice is Direct Response Marketing over the air, or in print, or on the internet.  The principles of good marketing work wherever they are tried.
  • The Benefits Of Strengthening Your Wild West Wagon Wheel Are Numerous:
    • You’ll Be More Resistant To The Whims Of Government
    • You’ll Make More $$$
    • You Can End The Roller Coaster Effect
    • You’ll Be More Resistant To Changes In The Economy
    • You Will Think More Creatively

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