Proprietary Note Taking Method

“Ideas are like slippery fish.  You can’t catch them if you don’t write them down.” – Mike Black

  • Ideas Are Like Slippery Fish = It’s very true.  You never know when a great idea may strike.  So you really have to be ready to catch them with a pen and paper.  Today I’m going to share with you my proprietary note taking method that is useful in generating ideas and managing your business.
  • The Process:
    • Step 1 – Create Your “Seed” Document = The seed document is simply a word document that you use that is divided into sections.  These sections will vary based upon your specific business needs.  As you work through the course of your business day, you want to be cutting and pasting useful information into the different headings of your seed document
    • Step 2 – Paste Your Information = Simply paste your vital details into your seed document. .  Does this sound like a pain in the ass?  It’s not …  It only takes 10-15 extra seconds per new task.  Remember: CTRL + A. CTRL + C, CTRL + V.

–       Example #1 = My seed document contains headings such as Swipe File Appendix, Copywriting Appendix, Graphical Elements, Contacts, BIG Ideas, etc.

–       Example #2 = For your business you might use it for a variety of reasons.

  • Attach links to important documents, emails, or tax returns
  • Add general notes regarding a process
  • Use a supplies section to track inventory
  • Save passwords, login information, and more
  • Put in outsourcing information or contractor information
  • Etc.
  • Step 3 – File Your Seeds = Create a “Seed File” in your business directory to store your daily seed documents.  When you place these document in the folder your want to name them with the date and brief word or two about key themes.
  • Step 4 – Rinse & Repeat
  • “But…  What do you use these Seed Documents for?”
    • Reference = It makes a great reference.  It will save you time from looking for passwords, tax stuff, addresses, etc.  It can all be found in one place.
    • Infoproducts = If you have a unique system or way of doing things than you can track it and turn it into a system that can be sold to others in your industry.

–       Question: “Bruce, after our conversation yesterday, how big could this idea be for you and what you’re doing?”  It would be a great to build some type of training manual for your courses.

  • Capture Money Making Ideas = Don’t let those fish slip through your fingers.
  • Employee Systems = This is a great way to generate a system for your employees to follow.
  • Franchising = If you want to start a franchise these documents make the outline for an operations manual.
  • Blog Posts / Articles = These make great fodder for posting on your website, blog, social media, etc.
  • Miscellaneous Tips
    • Notepad = Keep a notepad by your bed and write down your ideas in the middle of the night.  If you think about a problem before you go to bed your subconscious mind will work on it for you over night.  You’ll often find that you discover the answer to your problem when you awaken.
    • Digital Recorder = You can use these to remind yourself of things to add to your seed document when you are away from your desktop.  It’s particularly useful to store these items on a recorder that has a USB port so you can copy it straight to your computer.

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