Keeping Tech SMART







WOW!!!  Technology continues to be fluid and ever changing.  There is always something new. Technology moves at the speed of light and sometimes its very hard to grasp, especially when it comes to using technology in our business.

Keep it SIMPLE.  Use the technology that you understand.  If you are comfortable with facebook and know its ins and outs then become even more knowledgable about it, and optimize it to help you achieve your social media goals.  I don’t feel there is a need to use  15 different social medias to market your business.  I feel that over use can and will cloud your goals, confuse your intellect, and take time away from other types of marketing media.


Make sure you MEASURE your efforts.  Using technology as a marketing tool is awesome; however, just like any other marketing, it can be expensive.  Make sure that you can measure the results, and know from what sources your growths are coming from.


What and how do you make technology ACCOUNTABLE? Don’ t get locked into something that you can not get out of.  As an example: if you are promised 10 leads per month from a web site, and they ask you to sign a contract, have them also state in the contract that if you don’t get 10 leads per month you can get out of the contract.  Typically I avoid contracts all together unless the program is proven (by means other than those from the people selling the product) and they have other clients endorsing their services.


Get RESULTS.  <——– This is what it all comes down to.  If your not getting results change what you are doing.


Understanding TIMELY. Timely doesn’t mean hurry up (although it could if thats your goal) To get your web site listed in the top of the search engines “Organically” (the free way) can take several months.  To get your web site listed on the top of the search engines with PPC (Pay Per Click) can be almost instant.  Set your time limits for the results you want based on the type of media you are using.


Thank for reading and I hope that you all have a great week!


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