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Michael D. Black, M.S. – 
AfroMarketing, President – Serial Entrepreneur


“If You’re Unhappy With Your Return-On-Investment
From Your Marketing Dollars This Could Be The
Most Important Letter You’ll Ever Read!”

Fellow Entrepreneur,

Are you sick and tired of lousy results with your hard earned marketing and advertising dollars? Do you often feel like you are being taken advantage of by expensive advertising agencies or the local media sales people?   Wouldn’t you like to eliminate it, once and for all?

My name is Michael Black and I’m the President of AfroMarketing, Southern Colorado’s only direct response marketing agency using the power of Direct Response to create Affordable First-class Results Oriented Marketing that brings in customers and orders by the boatload.

I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and sales professionals to cut the fat, waste, and frustration out of their marketing dollars making their sales efforts at least 500% more effective – Guaranteed!

You may not have heard of me… and that’s fine. I’ve churned out winning ads and marketing for clients in dozens of niches, quietly making serious money for them. Direct response marketing strategies have been used successfully in 156 different industries in companies that sell B2B and consumers.

But don’t take my word for it!  Here’s what other satisfied entrepreneurs have said about my marketing:
“It’s good to know that I have a highly knowledgeable marketing professional on my side.  I can ask him questions anytime I need to and his advice has been invaluable.” – Sherita Stewart 

“All I asked Mike to do was design me a new business card.  By the time he was done I had far more than that.  I had a tool that would tell my story in a compelling way, without sounding like a salesman.  He went above and beyond what I expected.” – Richard Pianka

“If you are in the restaurant business than you need to be working with Mike.  After talking with him I realized the huge amount of money that I was leaving behind on the table.  Making a few simple changes to my marketing saved me thousands of dollars.” – Sean Dowling

Since 2003, I’ve spent a pile of money learning from the masters, busting my chops, testing my knowledge, proving it in the REAL WORLD.  Over the course of the years I have added a tremendous variety of products and services spanning price ranges from $9.95 a month to $15,000 Diagnostic & Prescriptive Sessions. Here are some of the ways I work with my clients to improve their services:

Multi-Step Direct Mail Campaigns Ala Carte Consulting Hours
Yellow Page Advertisements Diagnostic & Prescriptive Sessions
Flyers & Business Card Design AfroIncentives
Publications AfroCoaching Program
Done For You Marketing Kits Marketing Masterminds
Ad Critiques Speaking Engagements
Press Releases “In Touch” Newsletter Services
List Consultations AfroMarketing Software
Telemarketing Scripts AfroHosting Solutions
& More & More

Unless you are completely and totally satisfied and happy with the trends you see in your business, your present sales and income, your ability to get new customers….YOU MUST DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT in order to get different results!


Business owners just like you are constantly AMAZED at the huge, positive impact my methods have.  I have worked with entrepreneurs in dozens of industries and I am offering you the same opportunity to experience the same success.
Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,


Michael D. Black, M.S.

AfroMarketing, President
Serial Entrepreneur
P.S. Hey, it’s easy to say “no.”  Easy to close your mind to new and different strategies, easy to continue with the comfortable and familiar. But no sales, profit, business or lifestyle breakthrough ever came from saying “no.” Give me a call today at 719-749-1647.