PEP Net People Empowering People Network


Table of Contents

Section 1 Name

The name of this organization shall be People Empowering People Network. The acronym PEP Net shall be used for the original group. Groups organized subsequently shall use the acronym PEP Net followed by a number or regional name to avoid confusion among PEP Net groups.

Section 2—Purpose

The purpose of PEP Net is to provide a vehicle for its members to grow their individual businesses through networking, mentoring, providing individuals growth opportunities and providing hot referrals among members.

Article 2 Membership Section 1 Exclusivity

  1. No two members may represent competing businesses.
    a. Members who engage in competing businesses may agree between themselves to promote only portions of their business that is not promoted by the other.
  2. A member that represents two businesses must designate which business is their primary business for this group. If another potential member engages in a business that competes with the original members secondary business, the original member must discontinue promoting their secondary business. The new member will have exclusive rights to promote their business.
  3. Visitors may not promote their business if it competes with a members business.

Section 2 Application Process

  1. Potential members must fill out an application including references and submit it to a member of the membership committee along with a onetime application fee of $20.
    1. Verify receipt of application fee
    2. Ensure references are complete
    3. No more than one reference from current members
  2. Inform membership committee of new applicant and membership committee reserves the right to check Better Business Bureau rating and appropriate licensing boards if they deem it necessary.
  3. Call references and ask a minimum of:
    1. How do you know this person?
    2. How long have you known this person?
    3. Have you done business with this person?
    4. Is this their primary business?
    5. Are there any concerns?
  4. Interview new member asking a minimum of:
    1. Is this business your primary source of income?
    2. How long have you been selling this product or service?
    3. Do you have an office for this business?
    4. Can you commit to the minimum requirement for meeting with other PEPNET members?
    5. Have you been part of a networking group in the past?
  5. If two applications for the same service or goods are submitted at the same time, here is the process:
    1. Check references first
    2. New applicants should be interviewed by membership committee and recommendation via majority
    3. Vice President will vote to break any ties.
  6. Members wishing to change their business must submit to the same application process as potential members.
  7. Previous members who have withdrawn their membership must re-apply for membership.
  8. Previous members who have lost their membership may not re-apply for a period of one year.
  9. All decisions of the membership committee are final.

Section 3 Responsibilities

1. Members must attend 90% of the regular weekly meetings

     a.    A member may designate a substitute to represent them during the meeting. The substitute may not  be a member of their PEP Net group. The substitute will give the member’s 30 second commercial.

              i. The member will pay for their substitutes venue expenses.

              ii. There is a limit of 4 substitutes allowed per quarter.

                   1. Exceptions may substitute as many times as needed.

                        a.   Spouse of the member

                        b.   Business partner of the member

                        c.    Employee of the member

                   2. Membership Committee may extend exceptions under extenuating circumstances.

     b.     Members must be on time and must stay until the meeting is adjourned.

             i. Being late twice, leaving early twice or a combination of each shall be recorded as one absence.

     c.      Three absences in one quarter  or more than 5 in a calendar year are grounds for termination of membership.

     d.      The member is obligated to meet all other responsibilities even if they have not attend the weekly meeting.

     e.     Members, during the weekly PEP Net meeting, prospecting for a member’s down line business opportunity is not allowed. (Amendment to Bylaws 1.15.15 approved by all current Board Member at January 8, 2015 meeting)

2. Members must provide a minimum of 3 referrals a month.

     a.   A qualified referral includes the name and contact information of the person being referred.

     b.   The person being referred must agree to have the PEP Net member contact them for the purpose of doing business.

3. Members must complete a minimum of 2 one-on-ones a month.

  1. A one-on-one is a planned meeting between 2 PEP Net members where they get to know each other personally and they get to know how each conducts their business.
  2. The purpose of a one-on-one is to foster trust and help members become comfortable referring each other for business purposes.
  3. This time may be used to explain the business opportunities of Multi Level Marketing businesses.
  4. This is not a time to conduct sales calls
  5. Members report one-on-ones to general membership during the “I have” portion of the meeting.

4.  Conduct

  1. Each member shall conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  2. Sexually explicit jokes shall be avoided.
  3. Sexual harassment of any kind shall not be tolerated.
  4. Members shall avoid political comments or slander during meetings.

5.  Dues

  1. There shall be no dues for membership in any PEP Net group
  2. Venues may require members purchase products for the privilege of conducting meetings on theirproperty. PEP Net groups may impose buying a meal for all members as a part of the meeting. These monetary obligations may be paid to the treasurer in the form of dues. These dues are not to exceed the obligation to the venue.

6. Dual Membership

a. No PEP Net member shall be a member of any other networking group that requires referrals from the


Article 3 Visitors

1. Attendance
a. Visitors may attend PEP Net meetings twice before they must apply for membership.
b. Visitors may give their 30 second commercial after all members have given theirs and if their business has not been represented by a member.
c. Visitors may substitute for a member and give the member’s 30 second commercial.
i. The member represented by the substitute will pay for the substitute’s venue expenses.
d. Visitors are responsible for their own venue expenses.
e. Visitors may stand and deliver a testimonial or a positive statement about the group during the “I have” portion of the meeting.

Article 4


  1. All grievances shall be submitted in writing to the Vice President or Membership Committee Coordinator.
  2. The second party will be asked to submit in writing the facts as they see them.
  3. The two letters will be discussed among the membership committee only.
  4. The membership committee may ask for clarification if they deem it necessary.
  5. After reviewing all submitted information the committee may:
    1. Terminate membership
    2. Suspend membership
    3. Dismiss grievance
    4. Provide arbitration where the two parties work out their differences with a member of the committeepresent.
    5. Complainant may retract the grievance.
  6. All decisions by this committee are final.

Article 5 Meetings

  1. Regular membership meetings shall be conducted once a week.
  2. This meeting shall be no more than 90 minutes long.
  3. PEP Net does not serve nor allow alcohol during any meeting with the exception of social events where nobusiness is conducted.
  4. A regular meeting shall consist of
    1. Group business
    2. 30 second commercials
    3. A ten minute networking break in the middle of the meeting
    4. Individual presentations from group members
    5. 30 second “I have” portion
  5. Leadership meetings
    1. Leadership meetings shall be conducted at least once a month.
    2. All leadership members and committee members are invited to attend.
    3. The president conducts the leadership meeting
  6. Committee meetings

a. Committees shall conduct meetings as needed.

7. Cancellation of meetings

  1. Cancellations due to weather shall follow school delays or cancellations of a school district agreed uponby the general membership.
  2. Meetings shall be cancelled during the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas or when they fall on a

           national holiday—i.e. 4th of July.

Article 6 Leadership Team

Section 1    Group Leadership Team Members and Duties


  1. Conducts weekly meetings, and monthly leadership meetings.
  2. Supervises the rest of the leadership team and insures understanding and completion ofresponsibilities
  3. Delegates to leadership team.
  4. Is positive, creating a positive atmosphere for all meetings.

Vice President

  1. Tracks and reports on attendance, referrals,1 on 1’s and closed business
  2. Notifies membership committee when members are not meeting requirements
  3. Supervises membership committee and arbitrates/leads those discussions.
  4. Maintains and updates Membership Roster (can delegate)
  5. Oversees treasurer banking accounts to ensure group stays in good standing.


  1. Works with VP to track and report on attendance
  2. Supervises the calendar of 5 minute presentations.
  3. Introduces speakers


  1. Handles finances (e.g. bank account, member payments, current budget)
  2. Runs fund raisers (Jokers Wild)
  3. Pays bill to venues when required.
  4. Collects meal or venue obligations as applicable.
  5. Ensures non-profit status and TIN registrations with state and federal government are current.

Membership Committee Coordinator

  1. Supervises the processing of new member applications with membership committee
    Calling references     Identifying business conflicts
     Makes acceptance decisions with committee and VP
  2. Addresses attendance issues with help from committee
  3. Handles performance issues

Membership Committee

  1. Membership committee shall consist of three members the coordinator and the Vice President
  2. Membership committee members shall function at the request of the coordinator.

Mentor Coordinator

  1. Assembles mentoring team.
     Makes sure all mentors are trained
  2. Assigns mentors to PEP Net members wanting a mentor.
  3. Assigns new members to mentor in a timely manner.

Education Coordinator

  1. Chooses subjects to be addressed for weekly meeting with emphasis on skills.
  2. Looks for methods to improve the group’s abilities and assigning members to train.
  3. Assigns a Purpose and Overview thought and a closing positive quote weekly.

Visitor Host

  1. Arrives 15 minutes prior to meeting, greets visitors, obtains business cards, welcomes andintroduces visitors to group.
  2. Introduce visitors to membership committee and stays after meeting
  3. Follows up with e-mail or call to visitors to insure they felt welcome

Visitor Host Committee

  1. Visitor Host committee shall consist of the Visitor Host Coordinator and three members.
  2. Committee members function at the direction of the Visitor Host Committee Coordinator.

Events Coordinator

1. Organizes all social events for PEP Net and coordinates with other PEP Net groups

2. Looks for events that might be of interest to members


  1. Insures members adhere to time constraints to see the meeting lasts 90 minutes
  2. Manages president and speakers for good time management.

Technology Coordinator

  1. Maintains website for PEP Net and integrates with entire PEP Net network
  2. Teaches members how to use social websites to promote business

Section 2 Filling Leadership Team Positions

1. Leadership team members shall function in their position for one year.
a. Leadership team members can continue in their position if invited by the leadership team and ratified by

the outgoing leadership team

  1. All PEP Net group members may submit nominations for leadership positions.
  2. The outgoing leadership team will come to a consensus for replacing leadership positions through discussionand vote.
  3. The potential leader shall be approached by a leadership team member to accept the position agreed upon bythe leadership team.
  4. The outgoing leadership team shall ratify the new leadership team prior to them taking office.
  5. Vacancies
  1. Nominations for new leadership team members shall be received by the secretary then passed to the rest of the leadership team one week prior to the next leadership team meeting. The leadership team will vote to fill the vacancy at the leadership team meeting.
  2. Vacancies will be filled only to the end of the original team leader’s term of office.Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership

1. The executive leadership team will consist of selected current and past presidents of PEP Net groups.

  1. PEP Net Mothership president shall chair executive leadership team.
  2. PEP Net Mothership president shall coordinate an annual meeting with other local PEP Net presidents asfeasible.
  3. The executive leadership team will maintain a current copy of the By-Laws for PEP Net.
  4. Revisions and suggestions to amend the By-Laws will be discussed during annual meeting.
  5. Any group not following the PEP Net By-Laws are encouraged to rename their group to avoid confusionof the name currently used for uniformity.

Article 7 Finances

Section 1 Dues

  1. No membership or dues shall be required of the members.
  2. Members are required to prepay for meals or other venue obligations as applicable to the PEP Net group.
  3. Applicants are responsible for a one-time fee of $20 to be paid upon application into the group.

Section2 Raising money

1. Money to run the group may come from volunteer donations from the members.

a. You may play Joker’s wild or have other legal means to raise funds.

2. Fund raising activities shall begin at the first meeting to meet financial obligations incurred by the group.

Article 8 Bylaw amendments

Section1 Bylaws amendments
Bylaws may be amended by a two thirds majority of the executive leadership team. These bylaws were approved by a two third vote of the executive leadership team. Attested to by PEP Net Executive Committee:

Mark Stoddard Misty Berger Michael Black John Anderson

2/12/2015 2/12/2015 2/12/2015 2/12/2015